Blangy-le-Chateau is a delightful village, situated in the Calvados department in the Normandy region of northwestern France.

Blangy-le-Chateau Town Twinning with North Tawton

North Tawton Town Twinning with Blangy-le-Chateau began in 1975.

Twinning exchanges are organised by the members of North Tawton Twinning Association.

North Tawton townspeople welcomed friends from twin town Blangy-le-Château in 2014.

Blangy-le-Chateau History

In 2015, North Tawton coordinated celebratory events for the 40th anniversary of the town twinning.

During the Second World War, the main thrust of Operation Overlord was focused on Lower Normandy (French: Basse-Normandie). The beaches of Calvados were the site of the D-Day landings in June 1944. Lower Normandy suffered terribly during the War, with many of its towns and villages destroyed or severely damaged during the Battle of Normandy.

Today historic trails of three signposted routes serve to retrace the story of the Battle of Normandy: from the D-Day Landing beaches to inland Calvados.

Read about Blangy le Chateau 40th Anniversary visit to North Tawton; Deputy Mayor, Isabelle Pivert, on behalf of the Mairie of Blangy presented a beautiful book on Normandy Gardens entitled “The Garden of the Coast” to The Chairman of North Tawton Town Council, Gill Hoggins, and Vice-Chairman Carol Burrow.

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