Defibrillator and CPR

Defibrillator Locations in North Tawton

Six defibrillators in and around North Tawton Town:

The Square in an unlocked clear box on the wall of North Tawton Town Council, 14 The Square, EX20 2EP.

Fore Street in an unlocked clear box on the wall of Fore Street Garage, EX20 2ED, near to North Tawton Rugby Club at Taw Meadows and Taw Bridge.

Strawberry Fields in an unlocked clear box on the granite wall of Strawberry Fields, EX20 2GX, facing the roundabout.

North Street in an unlocked clear box near to the Bowling Club gates in North Street, EX20 2ES.

North Tawton Primary School in Exeter Street, EX20 2HB. The defibrillator located for all to access and use, day or night. Walk through the unlocked main gates and across the carpark or, if unsafe, around the path, towards the school main entrance. The defibrillator is on the wall on the left (no need to enter the locked gate).

North Tawton Rugby Club in Taw Meadow, Fore Street, North Tawton EX20 2ED. The defibrillator is situated on the wall of the clubhouse and is available for public use.


Is a life-saving machine that can be used if someone suffers a heart attack, please be assured, it will not allow you, the operator, to use it incorrectly. By applying a controlled shock within five minutes of collapse you can provide the best possible outcome for someone.

If you suspect that someone is having a heart attack, call 999.

If you come across someone who is not breathing or breathing erratically, the most important thing is to start CPR.

If you’re on your own, don’t interrupt the CPR to go and fetch the defibrillator.

When you can, send someone else to bring the defibrillator to you.

Begin CPR, making sure that the airway is clear, start chest compression hands-only CPR.

When the defibrillator arrives follow the clearly spoken instructions, the machine is responsive and will not give the patient a shock if they are not suffering from a heart attack.

Remember: Your actions could save a life.

A defibrillator may also be called a defib, an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) or a PAD (Public Access Defibrillator).

Locks and coded storage are not supported by the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust as these can delay access. The rescuer will already be in a heightened distressed condition and may forget a code; may not correctly type in a code; or may not be able to find a key to gain access.

The first three defibrillators are leased and maintained by North Tawton Town Council.

The fourth defibrillator is leased and maintained by North Tawton Bowling Club.

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