Nanny Knights Revel 2015

Nanny Knights Revel 2015 in North Tawton Town starts Friday 3 July, with a programme of events taking place through to Sunday 12 July.

Nanny Knights Promise Auction for North Tawton Pre-School at the Copper Key Inn starts at 7.30pm on Friday 3 July.

Nanny Knights Scarecrow Competition

Preparations are under way for Nanny Knights Scarecrow competition which runs throughout the day on Saturday 4 July. Judging will take place on Wednesday 8 July.

Nanny Knights Revel 2015 Scarecrow Competition

There is no theme for the Scarecrow competition; enabling creative freedom for all North Tawton community participants.

Read about the history of North Tawton Nanny Knight

Marquee Event

The Marquee Event for Nanny Knights Revel 2015 will take place at North Tawton Rugby Club on Saturday 11 July.

Entries for all categories must be presented on the day between 8.00 am and 9.00am. No entries will be accepted after the 9.00 am deadline.

Soon afterward, independent experts from across the County of Devon will arrive to judge the exhibits and duly award 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for each category.

The Marquee will be open to the public at 1.30 pm.

Category entries in the following classes will be displayed until 5.00 pm

  • Adult Produce
  • Adult Craft
  • Photography
  • Children’s Craft and Creative (5 years and under)
  • Children’s Craft and Creative (6 to 10 years)
  • Children’s Craft and Creative (11 to 15 years)
  • North Tawton Residents (Scarecrow)

Nanny Knight’s Revel 2015 full programme of events will be delivered to each household in North Tawton; kindly organised by North Tawton Community Games and Culture Committee.

Programmes also available at North Tawton Post Office.

Nanny Knights Revel 2019

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