Joint Community Facility

Joint Community Facility Proposal for Lakeway United Church building, formerly North Tawton Congregational Church.

It was not all that long ago when North Tawton had both a Methodist Chapel and a United Reformed Church in the town. Due to falling numbers and aging buildings, the Chapel on Barton Street closed (now the Youth and Community Centre) and the combined congregation met at Lakeway Church at the top of North Street. The time has now arrived when either something quite radical happens to the Church building, or else it will be forced to close.

Lakeway United Church

Church of Yesterday or
Joint Community Facility for Tomorrow

This is at a time when all sorts of cut-backs are beginning to take place, and one area of concern is with regard to the provision for the elderly in our communities – including those of west and mid-Devon.

Concerning the future of Lakeway Church, it is the hope of the current members to upgrade the premises – especially the Schoolroom area – by repairing the roof, inserting a toilet block, widening the gated entrance, upgrading the kitchen area, and decorating throughout. Although this would be of benefit to the current church members, it is hoped that the premises can then be used for community use as well as for Christian worship. Regarding the Church itself, it is hoped to consider its long-term potential at a later stage.

Our thanks to the members of the community who have supported the Church in their efforts to raise money for their Refurbishment Fund – although the cost of making these alterations seem to be in the £10,000s rather than £1,000s.

One area in which we can see there is a lack of facility – that the Church can be of real benefit to the town and area – is with regard to the provision of a weekly Day Centre for the Elderly. This would run once a week (more, if required, and volunteer staffing to run it) from 10am until 3pm, providing a place for people to come, have space just to sit and chat, join in various activities and enjoy a three course dinner.

To enable such a project to get off the ground, and to enable those responsible for setting up the project to tap into available grants, we need to find out the feelings of the community as a whole – both with regard to those who would use such a provision, and also with those who could help run it.

Because of this we would like to call a Public Meeting to discuss this suggestion. This will be held on 14th February at 7.30pm in the Town Hall.

If you are unable to attend but would like to express your thoughts on the matter, especially if you see yourself as a potential member or volunteer helper, please  send me an email or write to me at 4 Lendon Way, Winkleigh EX198JS.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you on the 14th.

Yours sincerely,

Rev. Graham Warmington

Please note that although the venue for this would be in the Church building, and the Church would be responsible for refurbishing the building to the required standard for such a project, the Day Centre itself would be a Community Facility, being run as a joint enterprise.

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