Yarn Bombing North Tawton Love Sign

Yarn Bombing in North Tawton has swept the town with love and good cheer.

Yarn Bombing North Tawton

So much so, local musician Rex White aka Fretmeister was inspired to write a song after enjoying the cheerful yarn bombing appearances throughout North Tawton small rural town.

Listen to North Tawton wool yarn Fretmeister-1 North Tawton on SoundCloud.

The famous Caterpillar featured on North Tawton News has greeted residents and visitors into the town and captured the hearts of many.

Yarn Bombing History

Yarnbombing or yarn storming considered a non-permanent form of street art with colourful craft displays of knitted or crocheted wool yarn wrapped around all kinds of objects throughout town or village.

Believed to have originated in the U.S. where Texas knitters sought to find a creative way to use their leftover wool and subsequently spread worldwide.

Wool Week North Tawton Yarnageddon 2016 all things wool and music event.

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